Melanie Crean: Shape of Change

The Shape of Change project is a navigable archive of American and Iraqi visions of change. Consisting of two projects, it investigates how U.S. and Iraqi citizens perceive and represent personal and political change. The first is an online archive that tracks citizens desire for political change as the two countries attempt to extricate from one another politically, to be used as the basis for art and discussion. The second project is a smaller more personal work, documenting an infant's early development as it learns to walk and speak, and thus establish itself as an independent social subject.

The two projects serve as counterpoint to one another to create a portrait of the ephemeral nature of change, independence and identity formation.

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Melanie Crean is an Assistant Professor of Media Design at Parsons and teaches classes in experimental time-based work, mobile media and gaming. The former Director of Production at Eyebeam, she also designed special effects at MTV Digital Television Lab and produced documentaries in Nepal, on subjects that include women trafficking and the spread of HIV along trucking routes. Crean has received commissions from Art in General, Bronx Arts Council, Harvestworks, NYFA, NYSCA, Rhizome & Creative Time.

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