French Children of the Holocaust: A Memorial Exhibition

Mon 3 Feb 1997 - Thu 6 Mar 1997 The New School, Albert List Academic Center
65 Fifth Avenue, lobby
This exhibition is based on the book French Children of the Holocaust: A Memorial, by Serge Klarsfeld, and incorporates photographs and documents never before shown in the United States. Between 1942 and 1944, 11,400 Jewish children were deported from France to death camps; only about 300 survived.

Serge Klarsfeld, a historian and lawyer, has devoted the last 20 years to collecting information on these young victims. Several hundred photographs, from among the 2,500 in his book, constitute the core of the exhibition. Enhancing the photos are official records pertaining to the fate of the children, as well as excepts from their letters.

Conception and text
Serge Klarsfeld
Joke Kniesmeyer

Howard Epstein
Susan Cohen

Floris Guntenaar

Ernest Nives
Susan Cohen
Howard Epstein

Educational consultants
Shelly Shapiro
Mary Johnson

Exhibition organizers from the Vera List Center for Art and Politics
Clinton Kuopis
Kathy Goncharov

Exhibition Dates: February 3, 1997 to March 6, 1997

In collaboration with the Institute of Retired Professionals and was presented alongside of the "Keeping their Company: French Children of the Holocaust" panel discussion on February 5, 1997.