Revolution on Film 2

Sat 7 Nov 2015 12.00PM-4.00PM Kellen Auditorium
The New School
66 Fifth Avenue at 13th Street
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Abounaddara's films draw on cinematic legacies of filmmakers using experimental methods to document revolution, war, and growth in times of crisis. A selection of films mixed with Abounaddara shorts has been organized into two days of educational screenings in support of New School classes. Many of the collective's members remember watching a promotional short film from the Syrian government as children each time they went to the movie theatre. Following this model each feature film is proceeded by an Abounaddara short film. Program developed in consultation with exhibition curators Dork Zabunyan and Anne Marquez.

Films include:

Abounaddara, Apocalypse Here
Harun Farocki, Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1988) (75 min)

Abounaddara, Kill Them
Brian de Palma, Redacted (2007) (90 min) 

Abounaddara, Syria: Snapshots of History in the Making  (2014) (52 min)

This is the second event in a two part series. Revolution on Film 1 takes place on Saturday, October 31 from 12 to 4 pm.

Revolution on Film is a part of The New School's public recognition of Abounddara as the recipients of the second Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics. Abounaddara. The Right to the Image includes a three day conference , an exhibition at Parsons School of Design, integration into classes across the university, and an upcoming publication.