Log Cabin Symposium

Panel Discussion Sat 26 Feb 2005 3.00PM-5.00PM The New School, Wollman Hall
55 West 11th Street (enter at 66 West 12th Street), 5th Floor
Free admission
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Presented on occasion of the exhibition at Artists Space entitled Log Cabin that features diverse artistic strategies that examine the impact of neo-conservatism on queer representations in America. Through explorations of alienation and social ghettoization, to neo-conservative tendencies within the queer community, Log Cabin stimulates dialogue about the shift in queer vernaculars provoked by the current political climate.

Christian Rattemeyer, curator of Artists Space
Jeffrey Uslip, curator of Log Cabin
Richard Meyer, art historian, University of Southern California

Participating artists
Allison Smith and Matt Keegan
Scott Stuart, member, Log Cabin Republicans.

This event is presented in collaboration with Artists Space.