Cultural Genocide and Hegemony: Keys to Political, Economic, Religious and Cultural Domination

Panel Discussion Mon 13 Feb 2006 6.30PM-8.30PM The New School, Theresa Lang Community and Student Center
55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor
Admission: $10, free for all students, as well as New School faculty, staff and alumni with valid ID
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Groups intent on the political, economic and religious domination of others most often neutralize the social, economic, and religious traditions of those whom they wish to control. This practice is known as cultural genocide. The panel will discuss the specifics of such actions today in places like Tibet, Cambodia, Rwanda, and Iraq, with historical reference to past events during the Crusades, in Ancient Babylonia, and the Spanish invasion of the Americas. Panelists will probe why this phenomenon still flourishes, its effects on decimated peoples as well as the benefits, if any, to the dominators.

Greg Tate
, cultural critic
Tashi Wangdi, representative in the Americas of HH the Dalai Lama
Elizabeth A. Sackler, Founder and President of the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation

Martin Mullin
, artist and art historian

Co-sponsored by the Wolfson Center for National Affairs at The New School.

This event is presented as part of the Vera List Center's program cycle on "Considering Forgiveness."