Collaborative Art Luncheon with Wendy Ewald

Luncheon Mon 6 May 2002 The New School, Malcolm Klein Reading Room
66 West 12th Street, 5th Floor
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Participants discuss collaborative art practices and questions including: How has the collaborative process affected your work? How did you come to develop your way of working? How has the art world reacted to this way of thinking? What is the importance of the object created during the process? How has working within the participatory/educational context influenced your practice? How have your artist residencies affected the participating communities? Can artists in schools and communities ask questions that might not otherwise be asked, particularly regarding issues of power? Why should there be a highlight on social, educational, and business practices that incorporate complex art-making strategies? How do we work to show policy makers, educators, art institutions, and social communities the value of integrated practices? What would we like to have happen next based on these questions and this conversation?

Caron Leslie Atlas
Zoya Kocur
Alfredo Jaar
Brett Cook-Dizney
Lynne Yamamoto
Ernesto Pujol
Pepón Osario
Rob Sikorski
Lise Scott
Ellen Rudolph
Tom Rankin
David Henry
Saralyn Reece Hardy
Tom Finkelpearl
Sondra Farganis
Daphne Farganis
Stefano Basilico
Wendy Ewald