Art and the Immigrant Experience

Panel Discussion Thu 14 Nov 2002 8.00PM-10.00PM The New School | Wollman Hall
65 West 11th Street, 5th floor
New York City
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Openness to immigration may be a glorious aspect of American democracy, but the reality is not without its problems for immigrants. This panel of immigrant artists of different disciplines discusses the intersection of art and politics: What is it like being an artist and an immigrant in the United States? How does an artist bridge old and new cultural experiences? How does an artist find new audiences as a stranger in the land? How has America changed for them since September 2001?

Wendy Perron, Senior Fellow of the Vera List Center, moderator
Meir Gal, artist, lecturer
Jenny Polak, artist, designer of a website about INS detention centers
Ibrahim Quraishi, musician-composer
Yasuko Yokoshi, dancer-choreographer