33 Swoonings

Performance Wed 2 Oct 2002 The New School, Wollman Hall
55 West 11th Street (enter at 66 West 12th Street), 5th Floor
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Provoked by social and creative necessities ritual is the voice of community, 33 Swoonings, a multimedia performance with dance, live music and video, is the living embodiment of a variety of cultures in a dialogue. An experimental ritual that flashes with the tensions, paradoxes, and mutual longings of our pluralistic world, this performance makes space for the anxieties as well as the delights of being human. Music and choreography weave together African-American, Mediterranean, West African, and contemporary genres. The performance is followed by a dialogue between the performers and the audience on the issue of a society's attempts to re-envision itself. This event is coordinated by Jenny Lynn McNutt, artist.

Marie Afonso, musician
Ken Butler, musician
Rufus Cappadocia, musician
Joseph Kuo (Jojo), musician
Lisa Karrer, still performer
Heathyre Mabin, dancer