Censorship in Camouflage I: Free Markets and Free Expression?

Panel Discussion Tue 4 Jun 2002
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How can we broaden the discussion about censorship? These programs make inquiries into some underexplored socio-economic and political trends that threaten freedom of expression—both new arguments for overt government censorship and some subtle, covert, and less apparent forms. Using case studies and heavy audience participation, issues of discussion include protecting children from exposure to sex and violence; the definition and exclusion of "hate speech"; economic intimidation; and the internalized voice of self censorship.

The 4th June panel explored issues of public and private funding, corporate influence on institutions, the workings of market censorship, and the potential effects of new information technologies.
Robert Atkins

Antoni Muntadas
Svetlana Mintcheva, National Coalition Against Censorship
Martha Rosler, artist
James Baumgartner, representative of RTMark
Ruby Lerner, director, Creative Capital Foundation