James Galbraith on "The Price System and the War": 1919 Revisited

Lecture Thu 8 Nov 2001
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In February 1919, in a campus of brownstones on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, a series of seven courses was offered to adults on the "the grave social, political, economic and educational problems of the day." The courses were an experiment in democracy and a new form of education: one that emphasized the collegiality and expansiveness in learning that led to the formation of The New School. On occasion of welcoming New School's new president Bob Kerrey, this series is intended to remind the New School community of its historical legacies, and re-frame them for a new millennium.

James Galbraith looks at Wesley Clare Mitchell's six course series from 1919 on "The Price System and the War." Trained as an economist, Galbraith is a writer, political consultant, and professor. His many publications address arms reduction and class disparity in the United States today. He discusses the hidden history of US nuclear strategy and its continued use of bombardment as a general means of engagement in developing nations.

James Galbraith