The Long Arm of Photography

Panel Discussion Tue 30 Oct 2001
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The power of photography to affect viewers has been apparent since its invention in 1839. But only since the 20th Century, has it and its related media of film and video become ubiquitous—dominating advertising, aesthetics, fashion, and documentary expression. Today, some critics claim that these high-powered visual forms have inflamed all the arts - even re-routed the direction of fiction writing. How does this over determining presence affect the development of a critical and analytic mind? Has the emotional impact of photographic imagery deadened critical sensibilities and desensitized viewers? Or have these all-pervasive artistic forms sharpened critical faculties to build a more sophisticated intellectual and visceral fusion?

Judith Mara Gutman, author of Through Indian Eyes and Lewis W. Hine and the American Social Concious

Michael Danoff, Director, Art Programs, Neuberger and Berman
Denise Bethel, Head of Photography and VP Sotheby's
Alberta Arthurs, consultant MEM Associates, formerly senior program officer, Rockefeller Foundation