Nature and Architecture

Conference Tue 1 May 2001 6.00PM-8.00PM The New School, Wollman Hall
55 West 11th Street (enter at 66 West 12th Street), 5th Floor
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What separates nature and architecture, the God-made and the human-made? Architecture is one art that confronts this issue directly, and its constantly shifting line between what is given by nature and what is made by human endeavor tests the cosmology of any given culture. Perhaps in the 21st century, a new concept of nature, interpreted neither by religion nor by science but by art, will establish a new philosophical framework. This framework would not be ideological but more of a research into the meaning of nature as it is used in architectural production. This discussion focuses on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright as well as some more recent architects and artists who are explicitly interested in the reinterpretation of nature.

Carlos Brillemburg, architect

Diane Agrest, The Cooper Union
Stan Allen, Columbia University
Kenneth Frampton, architect
Otto Graf, Vienna Academy of Fine Arts
Hermann Czech, architect

Online Moderator
Michele Tan