Female Desire and the Internet: Beyond Sex and the City

Panel Discussion Tue 3 Apr 2001 8.00PM-10.00PM
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Does the anonymous nature of online discourse offer women a new kind of sexual freedom? For the first time in history, women can articulate and act out their sexual fantasies without fear of gossip and/or reprisals. In almost all human societies, female sexuality has been controlled by men and by internalized taboos. And although in liberal Western societies women have the legal freedom to express their desires, female behavior is still restrained by fear of social disapproval and possible physical attack. And some feminist polemicists have aided and abetted in the internalization of taboos by arguing that women are "naturally" not promiscuous and are not aroused by visual pornography.

This panel explores the extent to which women are using the Internet to articulate forbidden desires, both in the United States and in more overtly repressive societies.

Ann Marlowe

Terry Senft
Emily Nussbaum
Kiki Seror
Stanya Kahn