American Architecture: Peter Blake

Seminar Thu 8 Mar 2001 The Glass Corner, Department of Architecture Parson's School of Design
26 East 14th, 2nd Floor
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To introduce students to American architecture and its import for our social and political lives, the Vera List Center and the Institute of Retired Professionals launches a six-part seminar by influential architect Peter Blake highlighting certain aspects of American architecture. In his book No Place Like Utopia, Blake speaks of the Bauhaus sentiments of American architecture in the post-World War II period. During his years as an architect committed to a social agenda, he felt art came second to the basic concerns that dealt with problems of the real world: economic and social justice, overpopulation, poverty, and disease. The question to be asked is how the arts, and architecture in particular, improve the human conditions in an egalitarian society?

Diane Lewis, Professor of Architecture at Cooper Union, will interview Peter Blake.