Who Cares? AIDS, Activism, and the Arts

Panel Discussion Mon 4 Dec 2000
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Is the arena of fine art still relevant in the struggle to encourage prevention and find a cure for HIV infection? This question raises the larger and older question: What is the role of art in creating social consciousness? Is popular culture a more fertile ground for disseminating progressive messages than traditional arts institutions, such as those that have participated in the "Day Without Art?" Is there a possibility for a progressive public art, or must public art works be bland to be acceptable? Who would be the audience for a progressive public art?

Robert Atkins

Richard Elovich, formerly of Gran Fury and GMHC
Sarah Schulman, author and AIDS chronicler
Jocelyn Taylor, video artist

Collaborating institutions include Artery, the AIDS-Arts Forum of the Estate Project, and NYU's Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality