The Peony Pavilion: Who Owns Culture? Negotiating Culture

Symposium Sun 11 Jul 1999 Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse Rose Building, Lincoln Center
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A two-part symposium webcast via, "Negotiating Culture" is the second of two programs addressing who gives meaning to a work of art.

The complete production of The Peony Pavilion is a one-in-a-lifetime event. Besides its place in operatic history this production is notable for the controversy that surrounded its presentation last year. Why should a 16th century opera have created such a stir? Possibly because the issues at stake are not limited to China, but resonate throughout the international community.

Marc Pachter, Smithsonian Institution

Bonnie Burnham, World Monuments Fund
Catherine Lord, University of California at Irvine
Elizabeth Lecompte, The Wooster Group
Glenn Morrison, First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centers