Contemporary Art: Who Decides?

Tue 23 Feb 1999
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Dealers will discuss the various forces that influence what they show.

Over ninety percent of contemporary art makes its way to broader reception via the gallery system. Who are these gatekeepers, and what informs their decisions? What are their criteria for what gets represented; and what pressure does this exert on what gets made? Do dealers in the US reflect a locally more commercial, object-driven art market? Are their European colleagues less likely to consider salability as a top priority? If the prevailing conditions of art production aim to reproduce (over-)determined conventions, and if significant work is often in direct opposition to dominant conditions, what assurances are there that significant work will get represented?

Colin Deland, American Fine Arts, NY

Jeffrey Deitch, Deitch Projects, NY
Cristian Nagel, Galerie Cristian Nagel, Cologne
Maureen Paley, Interdim Art, London