Jazz: The Sicilian Connection

Performance and Panel Discussion Tue 6 Oct 1998 6.30PM-8.30PM $8
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Since the twenties, American jazz has enchanted the island of Sicily. In this exciting evening of free-form jazz, acclaimed saxophonist Gianni Gebbia and pianist Salvatore Bonafede show how far the Sicilian tradition has moved from its beginnings in New Orleans Dixieland.

This performance is followed by a discussion. "Sicilian Jazz: What Language Are They Speaking?"

Arnold J. Smith, publicist and creator of the Jazz Insights program at The New School

Giuseppe Ballaris, American correspondent for RAI
Gianni Gebbia, saxophonist
Salvatore Bonafede, pianist
Mike Longo, pianist, author, composer, and former music director for Dizzy Gillespie
Bruce R. Raeburn, curator, Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University