Culture and Public Policy in America: Looking Ahead

Panel Discussion Mon 5 Oct 1998 6.00PM-8.00PM
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No one has declared peace in the culture wars, nor can we predict an end to the battles that variously rage and wane. To sustain a robust democratic society, we must frame the question of public support for culture in a historical context. What kind of society do we aspire to be? How does support of culture fit into our view of the world? Is the NEA adequate to the dual challenge of fostering high quality and broad access to the arts? Should we look to increase public support of culture, or should we lower our expectations? Where do we go from here?

Sondra Meyers, editor of Democracy is a Discussion.

Annie Cohen-Solal, author of Sartre
Benjamin Barber, author of Jihad vs. McWorld
William Strickland, executive director, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Pittsburgh

With generous support of the Helen Shapiro Lecture Fund.