The Politics of Fashion: 1998 Riskin Writer/Scholar-in-Residence; Seminar 2; "Amusing, Fickle, Perverse"

Discussion Fri 17 Apr 1998
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This series of discussions will look at the ways in which fashion, society and hence, politics converge. Politics, as such, rarely are addressed directly in writings about fashion. How are the changing mores of dress and manners reflective of the political climate? And how can politics influence our view of the fashionable world that dictates the way we live now?

The first two pieces assigned are reflective, in one way or another, of "The Eighties," the Age of Reagan, a period of dramatic social change. They are prescient in that they were both written with little actual knowledge of Reagan's ascent. However, they take their political clues through observing a certain fraction of society, namely that of fashion and music.

"Amusing, Fickle, Perverse" is a profile of music producer Ahmet Ertegun.

George W.S. Trow