File Card Works Hidden In Books - Cliff Eyland

Presentations Mon 3 Nov 1997 The New School, Raymond Fogleman Library
65 Fifth Avenue
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Conceptual artist Cliff Eyland illustrates and proffers a running commentary on any number of narratives; in much the same way that monks, weary from their exacting transcriptions, would include personal reflections and doodles in the margins of their vellum pages, Eyland has inserted over a thousand white three-by-five inch index cards covered with imaginary drawings of tiny human and animal figures, landscapes, plants, graphs, charts, modernist-style sculpture, and abstract calligraphy into assorted volumes of The New School's Raymond Fogelman Library collection of books. If found, the catalogue text states, "Whoever discovers the drawings can decide for themselves whether or not to leave them in place, move them to another book or take them away."

Cliff Eyland is a conceptual artist, painter, curator and critic and has been making file cards works since 1981.

Cliff Eyland

Coordinated by NSAC curator Kathy Gonacharov and Gail Persky, Raymond Fogelman librarian.