Cuba: Roads to the Future

Panel Discussion Sat 9 Apr 1994 The New School, Alvin Johnson/J.M. Kaplan Building
66 West 12th Street
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The Cold War is over. The deadlock between Cuba and the U.S. persists. How do we move Cuban-American relations into a new era?

Marifeli Perez-Stable Professor of Sociology, SUNY/ Old Westbury
Jose Prince Professor of Sociology, LaGuardia Community College

Marcelino Miyares President, Cuban Committee for Democracy
Andres Oppenheimer Columnist, Miami Herald
Jose Sorzano Former Ambassador and U.S. Representative to the United Nations
David Rieff Author of The Exile: Cuba in the Heart of Miami
Saul Landau Senior Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies, Washington
Wayne Smith Fellow, Center for International Policy
Carmelo Mesa Lago Professor of Economics, University of Pittsburgh
Maria Cristina Herrera Institute of Cuban Studies, Miami

Coordinated by Toby Talbot