Dialogues on a Future Communication. Entanglement #2: Resilience

Thu 26 Sep 2019 7.00PM-9.00PM 1014, Inc.
1014 Fifth Avenue (at 83rd Street)
New York City
Admission is free with prior registration here.
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Curated by Niama Safia Sandy, the exhibition Dialogues on a Future Communication is conceived of as a cross-disciplinary forum, evolving around and structured by the work of German artist Jenny Brockmann.

The poetic and architectural installations by Brockmann are activated by the artist in a series of "Entanglements" -- conversations among artists, scholars, activists, and researchers on diverse forms of knowledge. Entanglement #2, developed in partnership with the Vera List Center, invites a discussion on culturally specific epistemologies and whether -- and how -- one might approach reconciliation of these differences. The speakers are artists Stephanie Dinkins and Jes Fan, economist Sheen Levine, anthropologist Elizabeth Povinelli, and sociologist Dina Shvetsov.

The exhibition opens on September 17. Other "Entanglements" are scheduled on the following dates. For further information, please visit 1014 Inc.

Entanglement #1: Care, Sept. 24
With musicians Ann Marie Black, Nilusha Dassenaike, Charlotte Holst Douglas, Sun Singleton, and biologists Daniel Kronauer and Leonora Olivos-Cisneros.

Entanglement #3: Violence, Oct. 1
With architect Mario Gooden, art historian Danielle Wu, biologist Luciana Solano, historian Alexander Manewitz, and curator Niama Safia Sandy.

Entanglement #4: Refusal and Emancipation, Oct. 3
With art historian Birgit Möckel, artist Beldan Sezen, and others.

Jenny Brockmann: Dialogues of a Future Communication is commissioned by 1014 Inc. and funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and by Willms Neuhaus Foundation, Berlin.

1014 Inc. is a non-profit organization promoting exchange and cooperation. At its location, 1014 Fifth Ave, a new space emerges that carries the transatlantic relations into the 21st century by addressing global issues of mutual concern. Building upon the values of an open interconnected world, 1014 invites a curious-minded audience into the historical townhouse in the heart of New York City to explore ideas with impact across the world of culture, science, business, politics, and society. Multi-facetted events, exhibitions, and, ultimately, a residency program and café will bring people together for insightful experiences.