Say It Like You Mean It: On Translation, Communication, Languages

Seminar No. 4 of Freedom of Speech: A Curriculum for Studies into Darkness Series Mon 11 Mar 2019 6.30PM-8.30PM
The New School | Wollman Hall
65 West 11th Street, 5th floor
New York City

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Admission is free but registration is required. On registration, participants will receive preparatory reading material.

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The fourth seminar in the series Freedom of Speech: A Curriculum for Studies into Darkness explores the particular ways in which we use language -- dialects, registers of speaking, non-verbal speech -- in relation to the knowledge we produce for imagined publics, as well as its impacts and, ultimately, how we convey our ideas.

A group of artists who think profoundly about these issues will be joined by anthropologists and language specialists, as well as educators, art historians and Indigenous scholars to contend with myriad related questions including: Do we imagine a particular person or a group when we formulate speech? Is this choice conscious? What might this reveal about us? What does the actual language we use to communicate convey? Is it a native tongue or in translation? Does it take up the languages of theory, or of daily speech? What does a silent position mean? What role does the refusal to speak play in the right to free speech?

The evening will begin with a special performance by Kite (Suzanne Kite), Oglala Lakota performance artist, visual artist, and composer and will be followed by a discussion among Kite, writer and art historian Aruna D'Souza; artist and educator Kameelah Janan Rasheed; anthropologist Stefania Pandolfo; Mojave poet, language activist, and educator, Natalie Diaz; and Ross Perlin, co-founder of the Endangered Language Alliance. Laura Raicovich and Carin Kuoni will moderate, and seminar participants will be asked to reflect on the readings provided as well as contribute to the discussion.

The seminar series Freedom of Speech. A Curriculum for Studies into Darkness is organized by the Vera List Center for Art and Politics as part of the center's 2018–2020 curatorial focus If Art Is Politics. It is directed by Carin Kuoni, Director/Chief Curator, Vera List Center, and Laura Raicovich with assistance by Gabriela López Dena. Partner organizations for the seminars are ARTICLE 19; the National Coalition Against Censorship; New York Peace Institute; and Weeksville Heritage Center.

Say It Like You Mean It: On Translation, Communication, Languages is the fourth in a series of seminars, dedicated to Freedom of Speech. Other seminars in this series include:

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Closing Convening: September 2019