Explained Pictures with Jeffrey Scudder

Artist Talk Thu 6 Oct 2016 6.30PM-8.00PM The New School
U L105 (University Center Lower Level)
63 Fifth Avenue
New York City
Free Admission
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This is the first in a series of public encounters which will take place at The New School over the course of Casey Gollan and Victoria Sobel's Vera List Center Fellowship.

L.A.-based artist Jeffrey Scudder will be making three whiteboard pictures, twenty minutes each, while commenting on and discussing his process with Gollan and Sobel, reflecting on how to collaborate with a system and yet investigate its rules, whether the system is a drawing, a computer program, a political regime or an educational organization. Watch the preview below.

Casey Gollan and Victoria Sobel are 2015-2017 Vera List Center Fellows whose project is part of the Vera List Center's Post Democracy cycle of programs. Continuing to address what they refer to as incisive mission-creep of cultural institutions, particularly their alma mater Cooper Union, Sobel and Gollan LARP a means of building culture that is activated, distributed, and durational. In the face of the banality of corporate restructuring of cultural institutions, they entertain both the inevitability of financialization and expansion, as well as the possibility of resituating these educational and cultural systems.

Jeffrey Scudder lives and works in Maine and L.A. where he spends his time programming and making pictures. He currently teaches Digital Painting at UCLA Design Media Arts and taught previously at Parsons School for Design. Scudder received an MFA from Yale University School of Art in 2013 and worked previously at the design studio Linked by Air.