Post-Democracy Paradise-Lost: Presentation by Casey Gollan and Victoria Sobel

Artist Talk Thu 8 Sep 2016 6.30PM-8.00PM The New School, Wollman Hall
65 West 11th Street, 5th floor
New York City
Free Admission
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Casey Gollan and Victoria Sobel are 2015-2017 Vera List Center Fellows whose project is part of the Vera List Center's Post Democracy cycle of programs. Continuing to address what they refer to as incisive mission-creep of cultural institutions, particularly their alma mater Cooper Union, Sobel and Gollan LARP a means of building culture that is activated, distributed, and durational. In the face of the banality of corporate restructuring of cultural institutions, they entertain both the inevitability of financialization and expansion, as well as the possibility of resituating these educational and cultural systems.

This talk introduces a series of public encounters which will take place at The New School over the course of Sobel and Gollan's fellowship. The first encounter, with artist Jeffrey Scudder, will take place on October 6th.
    • Post Democracy Paradise Lost Presentation By Casey Gollan And Victoria Sobel
What does the dog think? Nothing to do! Dog Time (DT), Dog Intelligence (DI), institutionality is a life ruiner. Laugh track pixels in the noise, low bandwidth, high fidelity, transclusion subverts, world building, tea garden easy to feel, buy me in, sell me short! I can't stand to be seen we agree. How do protocols form "matters" into parameters, communication is inherently fault tolerant, low friction, get through this friction, non-friction                                                                                               , veillancing acts

aura coordinated aura transference (boon/wake) ;                 , infinite aura fields new originals,                                                                                               ,                     .Propagating stupid ideas in the first panel. The second panel develops upon the foundation             , especially the arched windows.                                                           using the first panel. Thinking about the third panel is the climax, in which the effects of the facade of the third panel are seen as current affairs. I was not the boss of me, video game time, internal game clock, redo, save, small death, real time, over time, one-to-one sandbox negotiation, demon dialogues, surf club, atypical marketing, once in awhile, infamously ill-conceived, in-game hallucination, life file, we hang out in the first panel. The fourth panel is the root of all evil, we're deep in the first panel. The second panel develops upon the foundation building, especially the arched windows,                                                                         all about using the first iron beams creating and leaving flexible space (round elevator) thinking for the spirit (processes)
(                                                 ). The imagination of water, reflections                                                                                                                                                                                                                           it's a
tabletop (surface intelligence) a tabletop that forgot