Profiles of the Downtown New York Music Scene - 1990s-2000s

Panel Discussion Tue 16 Dec 2003 8.00PM-10.00PM $10 each session, $25 for the series
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New York City has long been home to one of the world's most innovative music scenes. Since 1970, the city has incubated genres that have altered the landscape of popular music while nurturing experimental forms which remain unpalatable to commerce. Moderated by Jeff Wengrofsky, Profiles of the Downtown Music Scene offers a public forum for downtown musicians, scene makers and engineers to talk about how New York has been an inspiration, a crucible, a social nexus and at times, a hindrance. Three sessions examine the 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s music scenes.

Jeff Wengrofsky teaches cultural history at New York University, and directs the Syndicate of Human Image Traffickers and Human Features Film. He has coordinated conferences at Yale University, The Wolfson Center for National Affairs at The New School, and the New York Academy of the Arts, and has served on the staff of Aperture Photography Magazine, Coilhouse Magazine, and Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory. He is working on The Song of Hiawatha, a feature length documentary film about the American Counterculture.

Abby Ehmann is known for having organized and hosted such fantastically perverse parties as: Click & Drag at Mother, the Kitsch Inn, Gomorrah, and Mondo Porno.
Kid Congo Powers fronts two projects: Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds as well as Kid and Khan.
Theo Kogan, Lunachicks' vocalist, makes music as a solo act, writes, models, and acts for TV and in such films as In The Cut,Tadpole, and Zoolander.
Larry Tee co-wrote Ru Paul's mega-smash, "Supermodel." Tee is one of the major forces behind the "Electroclash" movement, the owner of Mogul Electro Records, as well as a producer, DJ, and promoter for The Outsider Music Festival at Crobar.
Jack Terricloth is the vocalist and guitarist of Sticks and Stones, a hardcore punk outfit, and founded the World/Inferno Friendship Society.
Paul Wallfisch is the vocalist and keyboard player of Botanica, and has written the score to the major motion picture Dummy.