Collaborative Art: A Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion Fri 28 Mar 2003
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A panel discussion on the nature of collaboration, with specific reference to "collaborative art", moderated by Brett Cook-Dizney, featuring the artists Wendy Ewald and Ernesto Pujol, Mark Valdez of Cornerstone Theater, and the critic-educator Patti Phillips. Inspired by the ways in which many artistic and academic disciplines have been exploring participatory models why do we engage in collaborative work? What role does the audience have in observing collaborative work? Do we use different criteria for evaluating the quality of success of such art? Is it the case that while the process is valuable, it may be therapeutic for the participants but produce work of little value? What of the intersection of the process and the product? What is the relevance of Collaborative Art to political theory and educational practices?

Coincides with Wendy Ewald's retrospective at The Queen's Museum of Art.

Brett Cook-Dizney

Wendy Ewald
Patti Phillips
Mark Valdez
Brett Cook-Dizney
Ernesto Pujol